Keeping in touch with your inner Athens

At this point, it’s almost silly to say that the collective Ohio University/ Athens community is a gold mine of opportunity: We already know.

But how are you going to know if the table of food in Baker on the second floor is free to the public?

It’s happened to me plenty of times before. I’m ascending Baker on the escalator and see a magnificent arrangement of assorted sandwiches, vegetables and cookies, just beckoning me to come take a bite (hell, I even saw an ice cream buffet once), and as it passes my view, I stand there, distraught, desperate and starved.

Was that event for a specific organization, or was it a public event? Was it a promotional event, and how was I to even know about it?

This is why I’ve come prepared to tell you about some of the most valuable outlets the university has to offer:

1. As if this isn’t obvious enough, the Ohio University calendar of events is the Holy Grail of sources, catering to the food lovers (no pun intended), fun seekers and friend makers. From weekly events, such as the OU Mini Farmer’s market and Improv shows, to concerts and performances, even the home-loving hermits won’t have a desire to sit at home.

2. Food. Games. Prizes. FREE. University Program Council (UPC) is the perfect solution to students’ less than ample bank accounts, and has the potential to end that poor-college-student-hunger-syndrome that sadly plagues so many of us.

3. Finally, those who fancy the outdoors and athletics can engage in activities provided by OU’s Campus Rec page. From local trips (like star-gazing at the Ridges) to parents’ weekend hikes, OU Campus Rec fulfills the desires of even the most adventurous outdoorsman (or woman).


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