Thrifty Thursdays

I know this is coming a bit from left field (and a bit delayed), but one of the greatest events taking place on Thursday is not Thursday Thursday (yes, hold your shock)…

…it’s Craft Night.


Incorporating crafts from websites like Pinterest, Craft Night gives you the opportunity to unleash your creative genius and hang with friends. It’s relaxing, fun and completely free. So while most of were spending this week’s paychecks on drinks at the bars, I was crafting some O-H-I-O letters to show my homecoming spirit.

The event, named as a tribute to homemaker Martha Stewart, features different crafts every week, many of which can be used in everyday situations. Some previous crafts include pencil holders, picture frames, gift boxes and flower pots, all of which can tastefully (and did I mention inexpensively?) adorn your dorm/ apartment/ house.

Craft Night takes place every Thursday in the back of West 82 of Baker Center. There isn’t a specific time you must arrive (unless this craft caters to your everyday needs and you want to make sure they don’t run out), but it begins a 9 p.m. and you must arrive before 10:45 p.m. (I advise arriving around 9 p.m. for the ultimate crafting experience).

So try something new and enjoy a night of creativity and relaxation (not to mention, a hangover-less Friday morning with your wallet still in tact). It’s totally worth it.


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