Predicted top HallOUween costumes

As many of you know, HallOUween is right down the corner, meaning it’s time to assemble the most creative costume you can imagine. Or, in many cases, come up with a pseudo-creative costume that 80% of Ohio University also plans on being. Based on the number of Catwomans, Walter Whites, Batmans and Banes, it shouldn’t be too difficult to predict the hottest commodities this year ’round.

1. Once again, Walter White

We know Breaking Bad was all so fantastic and all and that it just ended, but guys (or girls), PLEASE for the sake of all of us spare your head-shaving, glasses-wearing impression of Walter White.

2. Gatsby Flapper girls/ Gatsby himself

When The Great Gatsby came out in theaters, the first thing (okay, maybe not first) that came to mind was: Halloween. We’ll see a bunch of Jay Gatsby’s out there, but, hey, at least he’s classy, rich and cute (unlike his drunk counterparts at HallOUween…reality check). Not to mention the flapper girl, a simple yet predictable costume, can at least be somewhat respectable on the note that they aren’t as promiscuous as the lingerie animals portrayed in Mean Girls. Which brings me to my next point…

3. “Lingerie and some form of animal ears”

Yeah, it’s funny in Mean Girls, but it’s entirely not funny walking around Athens hearing girls complaining about how they’re freezing their a**es off. Well, duh. Unless your a guy doing this, it’s totally hilarious. But as for the cliche slutty animal ear/lingerie hybrid, I’d have to say no, put on a jacket.


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