3 Things You MUST Do On Halloween

In our last blog post, we detailed the activities occurring on Court Street. To make the most of your Halloween in Athens, here are three things you MUST do.


1. Dress up.

In Athens, Halloween is the biggest event of the year. The size of our small town doubles and out-of-towners will flood in from across the state (and possibly the nation?). You don’t want to be “that guy” who dresses as a “drunk college kid.” Be creative! Be scandalous! Be inventive! If you look like a certain celebrity, play it up. If you want to be warm, bundle up. But whatever you do, make sure you dress up.


2. Hang out on Court Street.

This is a no-brainer. Court Street is the place to be on Halloween. If you’re wondering what the schedule of events is, check our last post! There are a few great reasons to join the massive crowd. First, the people-watching is fantastic. If you enjoy watching drunk people stumble down the street on a normal night, just wait until you see those same people in costumes. There is live entertainment, including the Dave Rave djs and an additional stage this year. Even though it will be cold outside, the heat of tens of thousands of people will keep you warm.

3. Be responsible.

Of everything you should do on Halloween, this is the most important. With the increase in people, there is an increase of police officers, liquor patrol agents and general security. Athens is not a lawless, anarchic wasteland for people to destroy. Make sure your guests are aware that us Bobcats live here, and respecting the town is a great way to NOT get arrested.


Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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