Dads weekend festivities

From getting drunk at the bars (and having a real “in” even if you’re underage) to enjoying some casual sporting events, Dad’s weekend at OU is far from dull for students and fathers alike. Not only does the university put on special events, but OU organizations provide students with endless opportunities that (hopefully) won’t result in your dad passing out before midnight. Here’s some of the best activities to enjoy with your fathers this weekend.

1. Empower’s Beer Tasting at Jacky O’s

For $20/ person, you get to enjoy the taste of Jacky O’s home crafted beers, including beers flavors as outlandish as…Bacon? Even the finest of beer connoisseur’s will enjoy the Hops this place has to offer.

2. OU’s first basketball game of the season against Northern Iowa

There’s nothing like an OU basketball game to show your dad some big-time Bobcat spirit. Maybe even take him to the tailgate for some free food beforehand… hmm?

3. Hiking at Hocking Hills

There’s no better way to appreciate the most beautiful season in Athens than by hiking at Old Man’s Cave. As a tradition, my roommates and I have gone hiking with our dads every year. It’s a great way to bond and enjoy some of the nature surrounding Ohio University, as opposed to hitting the bars right away (not like there’s anything wrong with that).

So take the time to show your dad a great time. This is his weekend, and he deserves it after putting up with your crazy party school antics.

dads weekend

Dad’s weekend ’12. Hiking at Hocking Hills. Photo by Allison Barwacz


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