Bobcat BlackOUt ’13

A semi-new tradition at Ohio University, the Bobcat Blackout game is one that students shouldn’t miss.

Hosted by the Ohio University Sports Administrative Program in collaboration with Ohio University Athletics, the “Bobcat Blackout” event is meant to spread awareness of our football program, gain new fans and united to “blackout” the opposing team, which, this year, is Kent State University.

To celebrate the event, “Bobcat Blackout” long-sleeved t-shirts are being sold in a $15 or $20 package, with the $15 package including nine free holes of golf, a Papa John’s pizza coupon and other assorted coupons for Uptown businesses. The $20 package includes all that was previously listed in addition to a ticket to the game.

At each game, students flood the stands clad in black attire, yelling, cheering, high-fiving and showing their school spirit in the best ways that they can (which, as well all know, means that half the students will try to “blackout” in honor of the “Bobcat ‘Blackout'” game).

Not to mention, there is, per usual, free food before the tailgate, including D.P. Dough and McDonalds (what’s not to love?).

So get out there and join the epic, third annual “Bobcat Blackout” game, where the food is free, the exciting atmosphere is beyond contagious, and the fans might be more blacked out than their attire.

The game begins at tonight at 8 p.m. at Peden Stadium, and for those of you afraid to fear the cold (or overwhelmed with pre-Thanksgiving break homework), it will also be aired on ESPN2. Go Bobcats!


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