Is Butter a Carb? Is Horseback Riding a Class?

mean girls meme

Although some answers don’t come easy to Regina, they come much easier to Ohio University students. Most students that go here know that the sky is the limit as far as educational options go. It comes as no surprise to many of them when they hear that you can receive credit hours to ride horses, learn about the rhetoric of beer, or the fundamentals on how to go caving.

It is almost time for this semester to be over, which means that it is almost time for me to have the freedom to explore classes that I have not had the time to take in the past. Although I am taking a couple of challenging classes next semester, I have taken it upon myself to explore OU’s course offerings and try out a few things that sound interesting and new to me.

As of right now, I am signed up for three classes that will measure my musical ability, as well as my athleticism and knowledge of the great outdoors. I will be enrolled in a class that will teach me some of the basics on how to play the guitar, another one that will teach me the fundamentals of rock climbing, and lastly, how to survive in the wilderness.

If you think that these sound interesting, you will be amazed at what else OU has to offer to students. There is always something for everyone here, you just have to take the time to search for what you want.


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