Finals week: Best places to de-stress

With finals week quickly approaching, it’s imperative to study and get good grades. More importantly, though, it’s crucial to find a place to cope with that unmanageable amount of stress associated with big projects (that coincidentally are worth about 75% of your grade) and excessive cumulative exams. So, here are some of the best places to retreat to while you’re feeling suffocated by the stress of finals week.

1. Ping Recreation Center

One of the best ways to combat stress (and stay fit) is exercise. Kill two birds with one stone at Ping, where you can release your stress as fast as endorphins. According to the Stress Management Society, “Not only does it [exercise] keep the heart healthy and get oxygen into the system, but it helps deplete stress hormones and releases mood-enhancing chemicals which help us cope with stress better.” Studies show that working out works. So take advantage of our recreation center and combat your stress in a positive, healthy way.

2. Stroud’s Run

Get some fresh air. Even if it’s cold out, bundle up and take a ride to Stroud’s. It’s not far away, and getting off campus (even briefly) will be a great way to escape the stress, and walking (or running) the trails will be a great way to clear your mind.

3. Bars

When all else fails, the bars always seem to be the best place to go. Not like I’m telling you to get absolutely wasted on finals week (and potentially bomb your exams), but the bars are great places to relax, chat with friends and enjoy a drink after a long day of studying. It’ll take your mind off the stress and give you a chance for some last minute relaxation.

Also, make sure to take some advice from your predecessors. There’s no one like an alumni or faculty member to help you cope with the finals week blues.


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