Three Most Important Things to Remember During Finals Week

There’s no denying it– finals week is stressful. Most students come back from Thanksgiving break with an array of papers, exams and projects due. To make your finals week less stressful and more manageable, here are the three most important things to remember.


1.  Procrastination may have worked earlier in the semester, but it will result in undue stress during finals week.

It happens to the best of us. You may be able to pull off a 6-page paper in 3 hours at any time during weeks 1-15. However, when you have two 12-page papers, two projects and two exams due all at the same time, procrastination is not going to be your friend. Really, though. Unless you’re willing to pull all-nighters, you may find yourself screaming and pulling your hair out in the middle of Alden. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Even if you just work on one exam/paper/project a day, you’ll thank yourself later.


2.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is go to bed.

You may have heard of diminishing returns. At a certain point, the studying you are doing may not help you any more, and the best thing you can do is to get a good night’s sleep and eat something. Cramming for a few hours may be beneficial, but if your vision is becoming blurry or you’re re-reading the same paragraph over and over, take a break. It’s okay to take a nap. It’s okay to grab some food. Don’t overexert yourself and unintentionally do more harm than good.


3.  It will all be over soon.

Finals week is only one week. Although it may seem as if it’s dragging on and the world is ending, it will all be over on Friday. Winter break will (hopefully) be filled with relaxation and preparation for yet another semester. (If you haven’t read, we’re still not over the fact that we had to come back to school after Thanksgiving.)





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