How OU Is Helping Students Deal With Finals Stress

Finals week is easily the most stressful week of the semester. For some people, their 15 weeks of hard work could be ruined by a bad grade on one exam. Alden is packed with those pulling all-nighters and anxiety is at an all-time high.

Because of this, it’s nice that the university seems to be trying to help students manage their stress. There are three noticeable efforts this semester.

First, the conference rooms in Baker (which many students never use) were open for public study this week. This is beneficial considering people who have stepped foot in Alden maybe once or twice during the semester flock there during finals week. They were great to use for study rooms, and hopefully they will continue to be open for finals weeks to come.

Second, Event Services provided coffee all week. College students drink A LOT of coffee. This could help students save money during this stressful week. Spending money on coffee every day is one less headache students will need to worry about.

Third, for the branch campuses, the university provided massage services.  The massage therapists were there for two days, offering the service to students for free. Now, while I’m happy that branch campus students can get this little bit of relaxation before their exams, why was that service only available there and not in Athens? While coffee is great, massages are better.

What are your thoughts on these finals week perks?


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