We’re a #Fest University

There were reindeer chugging beers, Santa Clauses taking shots and elves dancing to Miley Cyrus. Christmas trees and presents were everywhere. It was like an office Christmas party, if an office Christmas party was the best day you’ve had in six months. It was SantaFest, and on Dec. 7, it rocked Athens.

This event was inspired by SantaCon, an event that occurs in cities throughout the United States. Students who attended SantaCon last year decided to bring the Christmas spirit to OU, and created @SantaFestOU Twitter account and Facebook page. At first, students were skeptical. However, after they realized that we just created ANOTHER fest, the news spread like wildfire.

Bars had Christmas specials and many opened at noon on Saturday. If you live in Athens, your Twitter probably blew up with SantaFest shout-outs. Here are just a few of the best tweets about this new fest.




Tell us what you thought about Santa Fest!


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